Clipo bench wood and steel modern urban furniture

Clipo bench is a modern seating without back. It is a pure, architectural and minimalist in design. What is more, Clipo seat provide optimum comfort to every luxury surrounding as well as clean modern design. Clipo bench offers a great solution for contemporary out door living. It is produced with the very best materials including stainless steel and soft wood (pine, spruce) or hard exotic wood. Clipo seating was designed for year-round exterior comfort and style. Presented model offers flexibility to suite most contemporary out side spaces. To sum up- Clipo bench represents simplicity and quality that is timeless.
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The bike repair station Kangu

The bicycle repair station has been created by designers who specialize in the design of urban architecture in cooperation with professional bicycle services and cyclists – Zano company has been specializing in projects of urban architecture for 29 years. The appearance and functions of the station are fully customizable to individual customer needs. The toolkit installed in the station allows for quick, basic adjustments and minor repairs. The station is mounted to the ground with anchors or a concrete foundation. Version with a metal stabilization plate at the base of the station makes the station possible to use without fixing it to the ground and adjusting the location of the station as required.
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Duo Loungers and C Blocks on modern area

One of the most popular materials used in manufacturing small urban architecture is stainless steel. It is a durable and elegant material used in our highest quality products. However, recently architectural concrete is gaining more popularity. That material is extremely durable as well and esthetic at the same time. It combines classic simplicity and modern minimalism. We used architectonical concrete also in other ZANO products: trigono bench and concrete sitting. In our recent project we created an urban chair with a base made of architectonical concrete. Classic raw and cold concrete is soften by 8 mm thin stainless steel backrests and armrests. Painted with our RAL palette colours, they may get an elegant touch with dark shades or a modern urban style with light colours that will light up your neighbourhood. The C BLOCK urban concrete chair is perfect for business centres and urban spaces surrounded by concrete buildings. Thanks to our new projects, the time you spend outside will become a completely new experience. Get comfortable in our C BLOCK urban concrete chair and enjoy the urban spirit.
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