Modern bicycle racks

ZANO Tubus litter bins and Flat bicycle racks, Cracow, Poland. Flat 05.025 is a classicaly styled model which is embellished with copper to give a fantastic aesthetic. This stand is made of carbon steel which can be painted into any of the RAL palette standard colours. What is more, this model is also a double-sided rack that provides whole bicycle support for frame and wheels.Presented bicycle rack is a minimalistic project and it will be a sturdy, long lasting product.
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Classical wood and steel bench on modern, business area

Sharp bench is constructed of the finest materials on the market today- stainless steel and durable timber (pine, spruce or even exotic). They are made to withstand years of use in adverse weather conditions and still maintain their lasting beauty. A major benefit of stainless steel is that they will not rust and require minimal maintenance. Presented model is easily maintained and extremely durable. What is more this modern bench is also available in optional RAL colours. 02.001 sharp bench represents a unique range of benches which combine function and form with an original polished finish of the stainless steel.
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KANGU – the bike repair station

The bicycle repair station has been created by designers who specialize in the design of urban architecture in cooperation with professional bicycle services and cyclists – Zano company has been specializing in projects of urban architecture for 29 years. The appearance and functions of the station are fully customizable to individual customer needs. The toolkit installed in the station allows for quick, basic adjustments and minor repairs. The station is mounted to the ground with anchors or a concrete foundation. Version with a metal stabilization plate at the base of the station makes the station possible to use without fixing it to the ground and adjusting the location of the station as required.
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