Scandik solar charging station showcased at Łódź Design Festival

During the Łódź Design Festival the best designed products are awarded. One of the winners is the Scandik Solar Charging Station, which received the #MUSTHAVE2020 award. The Scandik solar station enables remote outdoor work. Not only does it provide a comfortable workplace, but also the possibility of connecting and recharging electrical devices. It is an excellent alternative to popular work in often crowded cafés. Thanks to its modular character we can easily adapt it to our needs, without having to redesign it. In addition, thanks to the photovoltaic panels, the station is completely autonomous, it does not need to be connected to the power grid, so it can be placed in any space.
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Universe – solar charging station

Solar charging station Universe it’s a new product in the line Smart City. Like the former station Sunflower, which was created in this same convencion, it’s powered by the solar pannels. This product can be used as a bench that gives the possibility to recharge the batteries in your phones or tablets – by the inductive charger or port USB. In addition, it is equipped with modem Wi-Fi that gives the possibility to use the Internet in the city. With other products of the line Universe, which was supplemented with this station in the technology Smart, it’s possible to create new urban space which responds to the needs of a modern society.
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